In my first semester of college, when I still believed my music major would lead to a singing career, I took music theory.  The professor was a jolly imp who couldn't have been taller than five feet and had more musical talent in his ivory-tinkling pinky than my entire class combined. His favorite part of... Continue Reading →


Surprise Visitors

Christmas Day 2016   I recently filled out the hospital pre-admission form for this baby due one month for today, and was careful to check one particular box. “Do you want to listed on the patient roster?” The form noted that if I wasn’t listed, my religious leader might not be notified I was in... Continue Reading →

Labor Pains

Just as I was ready to check out of this day, to not talk about the election at all because I’m feeling so confused and helpless and hopeless, my colleague Regina messaged me. “Today I am simply trying to breathe. Thank you for helping me remember that.” It’s always ironic when your own advice comes... Continue Reading →

The Piece-finder

"Mom, will you come and play Legos with me?" he asks, and within five minutes of assent, the second question inevitably comes. "Can you find me a dark grey 1-dot square?" or some other very tiny, very specific piece essential for his imagined creation. I groan, he laughs, and then I get down to business.... Continue Reading →

Super-powered Sniffer

You've seen this meme before, right? Well, it does sometimes feel like a superpower to have a tiny human growing inside of you. Last week, she was the size of a plum, this week a peach. (That's right, folks, I said she!) But you know what my real superpower is these days? Smell. Worst. Superpower.... Continue Reading →

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