Long Days of Small Things: A Book Review

Saturday night in a pastor's house, especially when that pastor is also a mama, is guaranteed to be the worst night of sleep for said person of God. The last minute details of the sermon keep me awake sometimes, but more often it is the children who seem to need me most exactly when I... Continue Reading →


Dear Jesus, Stop F***ing Up My Life

"I don't work at Pneumat anymore", Marrett texted, and I let out a heavy breath. It had been coming, I knew, but the reality of him being unemployed for the second time in two years took the wind out of me. Almost two years ago, my husband lost his career to an unfair decision I'm... Continue Reading →

Summoning Tears

A sermon on John 11 Already this week, I’ve preached about the confluence of Love and Death in the story of our faith, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that those two themes reassert themselves in our gospel reading this morning. Especially not surprising, since today’s reading follows the one I preached Wednesday in John’s... Continue Reading →

Love and Death

Ash Wednesday 2018 John 10: 1-18 It’s a funny confluence of dates this year, with Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day and Easter on April Fool’s. And while we might not like the idea of celebrating our love for each other and remembering our mortality all on the same day, as Christians we have to admit... Continue Reading →


In my first semester of college, when I still believed my music major would lead to a singing career, I took music theory.  The professor was a jolly imp who couldn't have been taller than five feet and had more musical talent in his ivory-tinkling pinky than my entire class combined. His favorite part of... Continue Reading →

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